ERLEN – Unbeatable Protection

for your steel


Years of Experience


Sherardising Facility in Czechia


tonnes of zinc coated products annually


fleet of vans and trucks, capacity 1 to 24 t, for delivery of goods

Our Products and Services

Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing

Also known as Sherardising, the only facility in Czechia

Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Wet process providing extraordinary quality of zinc layer

Machinery Production

Steel structures, welding, surface treatment


ERLEN has been on the market since 2000. All our activities are based on top quality work and materials. We are partners in corrosion protection of metal parts and components. Our main activity is surface anticorrosive treatment of metals – galvanizing. We deal with hot-dip galvanizing and as the only one in the Czech Republic also with thermal-diffusion galvanizing.

We have extensive experience in hot dip galvanizing of structures, frames, brackets and drills for solar, photovoltaic, agrivoltaic and carport systems.

For our regular and new customers, the company constantly monitors the development of domestic coating prices and strives to offer customers competitive prices even compared to large concerns and maximum operability.


Unique Technology

Thermal-diffusion galvanizing is an environmentally friendly surface protection method that has a longer service life than other common surface protection methods. Ecology in the context of metal surface treatment, the ecological mindset of our company, a greener future, these are the attributes that will certainly attract you in connection with thermal diffusion galvanizing.

Solutions on Customer Request

Thanks to our fleet of vehicles, we are able to deliver our Just In Time service, which means we can deliver your goods at a precise time. Our flexible loading and packaging options allow us to fully tailor these processes to the needs of our customers at Erlen. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an efficient and tailored solution for every customer.

History and present


Establishment of ERLEN

ERLEN s. r. o. was founded in 2000. The subject of activity is the development and sale of products for surface treatment of metals, especially stainless steel, copper and hot-dip galvanized sheets.


Purchase of hot-dip galvanizing plant

The company ERLEN s. r. o. purchased the hot-dip galvanizing plant on the premises of the former ROMO in Fulnek and performs hot-dip galvanizing using the wet zinc technology, see hot-dip galvanizing.


The emergence of road transport

The company set up its own trucking company, purchasing a truck and several other smaller trucks. This has been a huge improvement in service to our customers.



The company ERLEN s. r. o. expanded its business activities and started to offer wholesale and retail all assortment for modeler makers under the brand RC-Dragon.


Machinery production

This year saw a significant development of ERLEN, with the purchase of production premises in Opava-Jaktař, on the site of the former
STS Opava. The company carries out engineering production there.
With this investment, our company has moved into a narrow segment of companies owning the production of steel structures
as well as technologies for anti-corrosion surface treatment of metals.


Overhaul of the hot-dip galvanizing plant

An overhaul of the hot-dip galvanizing plant was carried out with the installation of a new galvanizing bath and a new pickling line, including air extraction.


Investments in thermal diffusion galvanizing

With the help of European subsidies, the company has built lines for thermal diffusion galvanizing in Kyjov and Opava,
which is also known as Sherardising.


Projects with EU support

European Union
European Social Fund
Operational Programme Employment

Project name: Increasing the professional competences of employees

Registration # of the project : CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/16_043/0004711

Implementation: 1. 4. 2017 – 31. 3. 2019

The aim of the project is to increase the level of knowledge and skills of our employees and to ensure that their qualifications and competences are in line with the requirements of their work activities. We will involve 27 of our employees in the project, who will gradually undergo training events:

soft and managerial skills
general IT skills
language skills
technical and other professional
accounting, economic and legal
professionally led by an internal lecturer

The project is co-financed by the European Union.

European Union
European Regional Development Fund
Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness

Project name: Acquisition of technologies for thermal diffusion galvanizing.

Registration number: CZ.01.2.06/0.0/0.0/16_059/0008329

In 2018-19, ERLEN is implementing a project under the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness, Programme TECHNOLOGY – IV entitled Acquisition of technologies for thermal diffusion galvanizing.

The main objective of the project is to acquire 4 technologies for thermal diffusion galvanizing. The implementation of the project will expand the production by new possibilities, increase the production volume or the number of orders at a qualitatively higher level and, last but not least, increase the competitiveness of ERLEN. The company expects an increase in sales and the creation of new jobs as a result of the project.

The project is co-financed by the European Union.

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