Perfect Waves

Surfing Pool with Galvanized Viewing Platform

The first surf pool in Europe has been built in Bristol, England, allowing surfing on safe and steady waves all year round. This 180-metre long man-made sea offers a completely new surfing experience and will appeal to beginners and experienced surfers alike.

Surfers can choose from 15 different types of waves that bear the names of surfing paradises, such as Malibu 3, and feature constant and steady wave breaking. The more experienced can also ride waves that break in a tunnel-like shape, known in surfing slang as a “barrel”.

In the middle of the pool is a 125-metre-long viewing platform. It sits on a concrete wall and consists of galvanised steel elements that project along the wall to the right and left. The railing posts were also made of hot-dip galvanised steel, totalling more than 350 metres in length. Thanks to hot-dip galvanizing, long-term and sustainable corrosion protection is guaranteed, which can also withstand the permanent moisture caused by the waves in the pool.

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